quod pro nobis traditum est

Saturday, October 05, 2013

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Dear Readers,

Although I may not know some or many of you, thank you very much for reading this blog. This blog is a general collection of comments, quotations, etc., on various issues facing Christianity and the church's faith. Earlier this blog was ambitiously titled, "On Church and Liturgy" and reflected a time when my experiences as a pastor took me beyond the local congregation into questions facing my church body and Christianity in general. This blog has over the years unashamedly upheld a connection between "church" and the liturgy (or "historic liturgy") as a work of God in and through His Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Ghost. As such, much of what was shared here is not anything new. However, in this time and age, with the forgetting of the past, revisionism, and any other number of other reasons what is old "is" new because many simply have not heard these things before.

Current trends are working strongly against me and my work on this blog. There are the obvious secular forces opposed to anything of a religious nature which we all face on a daily basis. Then there are the "contemporary" movements which this blog has continually attempted to address. Understandably, within the greater Christian sphere, those who are not of the same religious background might find any number of things troubling about issues discussed here. Admittedly, there are also things written here that would be even controversial to my fellow Lutherans. I believe that much of Lutheranism has collapsed into a generic protestantism that has, in short, gutted the faith. This is reflected publicly and primarily in what goes on in worship (the liturgy) on Sunday mornings. My own lack of understanding might also make this blog troublesome to those of historic church background. This blog may also be a target for some of its moral stands, especially in the America of today. Although issues addressed here may be controversial to some, or even some positions I have taken over the years may be controversial they are written for the purpose of collecting my own insights and as an attempt to help the reader question the zeitgeist. Sort of a combination of growing and sharing.

These trends and factors all seems to be coming to a head and affecting my personal and professional life in unforeseen, yet likely, predictable ways. I do not know and understand all that is going on and how much more I will be able to contribute to this blog but I do hope to say here that I do not regret anything I have written here so far. Since much of what I have written here addresses matters that go beyond my own tradition, I fear that most of the opposition I face these days is likely from within the very tradition that nurtured me in the faith. In large part too I am ignorant of forces that might use my words against me. On the other hand, this is the risk one takes in having the freedom to share and write what is on one's mind. It is impossible to take this personally since there have always been and always will be forces working against church, liturgy, faith, etc. Whether intentionally or not, personal and professional factors may coincide to silence this blog or limit greatly what I have to share in the future.

Thank you very much for reading. In short, do not be surprised by any silence in the future. Keep on reading for reading's sake!

Best Regards,

Timothy D. May