quod pro nobis traditum est

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It is true that there will always be people who misperceive what one says and does. In many ways, this is just a fact of life. Social media does not necessarily clarify things. Sometimes it can make things cloudier. I find that there is nothing one can do when what one says and does is misperceived. One learns to live with contentment, even when that itself may be misperceived.

For example, my last post cannot be taken to mean that I do not drink beer or wine, although it may give that impression. My last post is more a response to an undue focus on sin (usually other people's sin) that excludes the possibility of God doing his work in people, whether seen or unseen or the possibility of God having any power over sin. As I write, maybe too often, there is a natural (or super-natural) follow-up to sin at the altar. Call it God's mercy, forgiveness, life, etc.

Misperceptions are real, whether the topic may be liberalism-conservativism (I am both) or that of legalism-antinomianism (I am both). Misperceptions, whether of external or internal origin, want it to be focused on me. Perception, although with dim sight, seeks the face of God.

There is more to life than being caught up in a world of misperceptions. The good news for us is God does reveal His face.