quod pro nobis traditum est

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a good time for questions

Today's decision deserves many responses. Although it might appear to be about something new it really just publicly confirms another side of human nature.

We are not surprised by the concepts of questioning authority, questioning the Church, questioning Scripture, questioning God, . . . In a secular society we live with these realities everyday, even when we do not agree with them. By its nature and its aims, Christianity is always somewhat on the edge of the world we live in and it is not always welcome. This may be uncomfortable at times. Because of this, Christians have a capacity that many people do not. They have the capacity to question society.

While today's decision may be discouraging it also raises questions about those beautiful things that are given to us from God as part of His creation and why they are given to us. We are still on the edge of the world we live in and are not always welcome but this also gives us perspective. We are able to question society and its decisions and its directions even when we do not agree with them.

Although today's decision may stand out as a setback, it does not make today any different than any other day. Even as we live in it, everyday we question society. After all, society does not and cannot show or give us the way, the truth and the life.