quod pro nobis traditum est

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


This blog might be on the blogroll or on some blogs' list of blogs even though I do not agree with or endorse all or part of the theology espoused on these other blogs. It is even possible I might oppose altogether what they endorse although it may appear that I support what they support because my blog is included on theirs. Often this is done without my knowing or support.

As an undergrad history major I learned to recognize historical revisionism. One downfall of social media is that anyone and everyone is subject to revisionism in real time. This is not all bad. Still, this is one reason why I am not as active online as I once was. It is not that what one writes might be misunderstood, distorted and maligned by others. It is that one does not care to chase the bait or respond to everything that happens online. There is simply not enough time. In short, there may be links on other blogs to this one. The thoughtful reader will know to distinguish each blog from the other and not draw conclusions based on associations that may or may not exist.

On another note, although I am not protestant, I appreciated a church sign I saw recently that said something about not worshipping the donkey or the elephant but worshipping the Lamb. Not a bad Christmas message and one that goes well all year round, especially for Christians who might have forgotten or let slide their priorities in matters of faith.