quod pro nobis traditum est

Thursday, January 31, 2013

a few more

... false dichotomies that come to mind while they are on my mind (see previous post for explanation):

- Church as visible or invisible. Both/and if she is connected to Christ the Head. I am not sure I understood the debate since Christ has two natures and it is only natural that His Church be of two natures. (That is I do not understand a purely invisible nor a purely visible Church, this is the mystery of Eph 5.)

- Fasting or not. Ironically, Jesus nor Scripture prohibit fasting, although some look on the practice today almost as if to do it is a sin. Interesting juxtaposition of a practice Scripture permits that is opposed by some Scripture believers. Jesus says, "When you fast ..."

- Old and New Testaments. While a dissection of the two might make sense in the view of others, Christians hold to a unity, including the correlation of the same one God in both.

I do not know how long some of these have been moving around in my mind's hard drive (or cloud?) but now they are taking up less space.