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Friday, May 25, 2012

on social networks

My blog basically and generally deals with matters related to my vocation so does not fit well with the next thoughts on social networks. First, I am on a number of social networks but am not someone who might be considered an "active" or daily participant. Here is why:

1) These social networks, while including many family and friends, are not "social" but seem to be more work related. That is, many or most of the people on these networks are people that have some association, whether directly or indirectly, to the work I am involved in. This means that not only do these networks elicit simple sharing of information between family and friends they also seem to demand some interaction in connection with work. If this is the case, then work is not only something at the office, but now it is also at home and whenever one is on the internet, etc. This may limit any social and enjoyable aspect one might expect to receive from the same networks. In other words, they may bring more stress than enjoyment. Taking work home is not the most relaxing proposition.

2) Related to number one is the almost daily invitation to events, apps and friendships. The last one becomes problematic in that it can become a daily exercise of decision making. In my case, almost all friendship requests are "work" related and more and more from people I do not know or people with whom I have only a slight association. This makes approving friendships harder and harder. I probably already have many friends on these networks who I have no real connection with otherwise.

On the one hand I enjoy the latest news from family and friends which I may probably not receive otherwise. On the other hand, the lines between "social" and "work" are being blurred. Is this workably social or socially workable? Whatever is going on I find myself not enjoying these networks as I would expect and am not as active as I might be expected to be. It's OK.

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