quod pro nobis traditum est

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick thoughts

- In the next two weeks look for newspapers and magazines to come out with articles against Christianity and share "new" stands on theological themes and topics like the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. This happens around Christmas time too with published critiques of the Incarnation. At least they are watching the calendar. Also, if I remember correctly, the Major League Baseball season begins on Good Friday.

- The Feast of the Annunciation is March 25. This year the feast falls on Sunday and is commemorated on the newer calendar even though this is traditionally Passion Sunday. Those who follow the traditional calendar will commemorate the Annunciation on the Monday following Easter. Either way, this is an important feast on the calendar not to overlook. As the psalmist says, "My heart hath uttered a good word . . ."Eructávit cor meum verum bonum . . .

- Traditionally, statues and crucifix are veiled beginning on Sunday.

- Advent, in preparation for the Incarnation of our Lord, and Lent, in preparation for the Resurrection of our Lord are not so much about somberness nor an over-compensating focus on joyousness. Rather, they are seasons that bring us deeper into a solemn hearing of God's Word and are perfect times for individual renewal in Christ.

- When I do not write on the blog it is not that there is anything to say. Rather, it is that there is too much to discuss and not the time to write. I mention this as Holy Week approaches. We'll see . . .