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Saturday, August 28, 2010

St. Augustine

The mercies of the Lord I will sing for ever. Blessed be the Lord forevermore. - Ps. 138:1, 53

"'Blessed be the Lord for evermore.' Amen. Amen. Thanks be to His mercy. Thanks be to His grace. We but express our thanks; we do not give them, nor render them, nor make a return of them, nor repay them. We express our thankfulness in words; the reality we hold within us. He has freely saved us. He heeded not our iniquities; He sought us who did not seek Him. He found us, He redeemed us, He delivered us from the domination of the devil and from the power of demons. He bound us, to purify us by faith; by which He frees those enemies who do not believe, and cannot therefore be made clean. Let those who remain enemies say day after day what they will; day by day less and less will be left? Let them resist Him, let them laugh; let them mock, not at the destruction but at the change of thy anointed. Do they not see that saying such things they come to nothing; either by not believing (Jn. iii.18) or by dying? For their cursing is only for a time; the blessing of the Lord is for evermore."

- St. Augustine (Toal IV, 82)

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