quod pro nobis traditum est

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Series of upcoming posts

Just as society feels social and political pressures, the same pressures weigh too upon pastors and the Church. Having served at congregational, district and national levels of my church body I still seek to make sense of the different pressures in a constructive way.

The next three posts will discuss how I, as a pastor, am not Liberal, nor Conservative, yet Both and More. These posts will discuss secular political understanding and how that interacts with theological understanding. The conclusion will include thoughts on how theological understanding need not be defensive amidst misunderstandings, which are inevitable, but how such understanding might help one look beyond ongoing pressures and inform and enhance one's understanding of the Church.

These upcoming three posts are the pastoral thoughts of one in ministry. They may not be so much of help to pastors, deacons, etc. as to laity who are more involved in the political sphere and who wonder what pastors and priests are sometimes thinking, why they are not always involved in public life as they might be.

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