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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brief respite in the life of the Church

Thursday in Pentecost Week

"When the storm of persecution ceased, the faithful Christians, who, during the time of danger, had hidden themselves in woods and deserts, and secret caves, appearing in public, rebuilt the churches which had been levelled with the ground; founded, erected, and finished the temples of the holy martyrs, and, as it were, displayed their conquering ensigns in all places; they celebrated festivals, and performed their sacred rites with clean hearts and mouths. This peace continued in the churches of Britain until the time of the Arian madness, which, having corrupted the whole world, infected this island also, so far removed from the rest of the globe, with the poison of its arrows; and when the plague was thus conveyed across the sea, all the venom of every heresy immediately rushed into the island, ever fond of something new, and never holding firm to anything."

- St. Bede [Although liturgically speaking, emphasis is on Thursday in Pentecost Week, today is also the commemoration of St. Bede the Venerable, Confessor, Doctor of the Church. The excerpt above is from Chapter VIII of his book "The History of the English Church and People" in which he discusses the time of peace between the persecution and the Arian heresy (A.D. 307 - 337)]

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