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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Behind the stories

Prior to Holy Week some of the leading national papers of the secular press were all up in arms about the ills of the Catholic Church and included attempts to connect Pope Benedict with certain cases of abuse. A case in Milwaukee came to national attention but we soon learned, at least locally, that the article was written without any consultation of a judge who was involved in the case.

Careful readers see that there is more at play here than what is being made available to the public by the press. In defense of Pope Benedict there have come out many articles, blog posts, etc. that have uncovered the weakness of the attempted cases against him. For example, here is a Lutheran defense of Pope Benedict that provides some much needed history. Undoubtedly, there are cases of abuse that need to be dealt with. However, the focus of the secular press' sights before the most important week of the church year raises other questions.

Red flags went up when these stories started coming out just before Holy Week. This is like the magazine cover stories that come out around Christmas raising questions about various Christian doctrines about Jesus. Unfortunately, these type of "news" stories are too predictable, especially around important dates on the church calendar.

As a Lutheran, I am no stranger to "anti-Catholicism," having dabbled in it a bit myself over the years. I hope I am wiser now. This is indeed "anti-Catholicism" and, knowing what we know about Pope Benedict XVI and his teaching, these journalistic stretches may also be considered "anti-Christian."

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