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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Praiseworthy curiosity

"In this wide and spacious sea so perish those unhappy ones, who, clutching hard at transitory things, lose what is enduring . . . You, therefore, Brethren, to whom as to little children, God reveals what He has hidden from the wise and the prudent, dwell in earnest reflection upon the things that are truly salutary, and diligently seek out the reason of this season of Advent, asking namely: Who is it that is coming; whence He comes and how He comes; to what purpose; when, and where, does He come? Praiseworthy indeed is this curiosity, and most salutary: nor would the universal Church commemorate so devoutly this present time of Advent unless that there was contained within it some deep significance, some sacred mystery." (Toal, I, 21)

- St. Bernard (1090 - 1153)

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