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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dogmatic Pragmatism

Eleanore Roosevelt is quoted as saying, "Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas." This quote could be applied also to the study of theology.

For years I have tried to understand trends within the Church that work against the study of theology, especially by her pastors. One might think that if there was a haven somewhere for the study of theology it would be in the Church(?) Pastors need to have at least the smallest interest in it even when they do not always have the time for it. Forces today not only downplay theology but work actively against such reflection and study. Without arriving at a solution to this ongoing tension or balance in the life of pastors and the Church it seems that the best way to summarize such opposition to theology and its study is "dogmatic pragmatism." This is one time when the use of the word "dogma" may clearly be appreciated in a negative light.

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