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Thursday, August 13, 2009

St. Hippolytus, Martyr

"By saying in addition, 'And of the blessing of the womb of your father and your mother' [cf. Gen. 49, Septuagint], the prophet is foretelling a spiritual mystery. For he could have said, 'And of the blessing of the womb of your mother,' to indicate, with this expression, Mary, in whose womb the Word was carried for nine months. Yet he did not say this; instead he says, 'and from the blessing of the womb of your father and your mother'. Joining the two ideas in this way, he made them a single reality, so that it would be clearly understood that both that which exists according to the spirit and that which is according to the flesh belong to this one Person. For the Word proceeded from one heart of the Father and from the holy womb [of Mary], being born from one womb of the Father, as he says through the mouth of the prophet, 'My heart speaks a good Word' (Ps 45:1).

"On the other hand, in the last days, he came forth, according to the flesh, from a virginal womb after having been carried for nine months, so that, after having been born a second time from the womb of his Mother, he might manifest himself visibly. Therefore he says, also through the prophet, 'Thus says the Lord who formed me from [my Mother's] womb to be his servant' (Is 49:5)."

- Hippolytus [On the Blessings of the Patriarchs I; PO 27, 108-12; cited in L. Gambero, 91]

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