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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

". . . at the proper season expect the confirmation out of Holy Scripture of each part of the contents [of the Creed]. For the articles of the Faith were not composed as seemed good to men; but the most important points collected out of all the Scripture make up one complete teaching of the Faith. And just as the mustard seed in one small grain contains many branches, so also this Faith has embraced in few words all the knowledge of godliness in the Old and New Testaments. Take heed then, brethren, and hold fast the traditions which you now receive, and write them on the table of your heart." (Catechetical Lecture 5)

"Since then [Jesus Christ] Himself declared and said of the Bread, This is My Body, who shall dare to doubt any longer? And since He has Himself affirmed and said, This is My Blood, who shall ever hesitate, saying, that it is not His blood?"
(Catechetical Lecture 22)

- St. Cyril of Jerusalem d. 386 (source:

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