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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord

"That Firstborn Who was begotten according to His nature, was born in another birth that was external to His nature; that we might know that after our natural birth we must have another birth which is outside our nature. For He, since He was spiritual, until He came to the corporeal birth, could not be corporeal; in like manner also the corporeal, unless they are born in another birth, cannot be spiritual. But the Son Whose generation is unsearchable, was born in another generation that may be searched out; that by the one we might learn that His Majesty is without limit, and by the other might be taught that His grace is without measure . . .

"This is He Who was begotten from the Godhead according to His nature, and from manhood not after His nature, and from baptism not after His custom; that we might be begotten from manhood according to our nature, and from Godhead not after our nature, and by the Spirit not after our custom . . .

"The Father begat Him, and through Him created the creatures. Flesh bare Him and through Him slew lusts. Baptism brought Him forth, that through Him it might wash away stains . . .

"To you be praise, the medicine of life, Who hast converted all that are baptised, to Him Who is life of all, and Lord of all!"

(St. Ephraim, Homily on Our Lord, 1,2,7 source:

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