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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catching up on the Cinema

Normally, I may see one movie a year. There are many reasons for this but primarily this has to do with having a family with young children, being a pastor and being a part-time theology/religion instructor. So mainly this is a time thing but it helps financially also to be out of the loop. Usually, if I watch a movie it is while I am on vacation.

This is what makes this year's post-Christmas vacation so unique. Granted we are in Epiphany now and with the Super Bowl around the corner Christmas is all but forgotten so this post is somewhat belated. For a few days following Christmas and into the new year I was with family in Missouri. During this brief break I actually had time for three movies.

First, was a matinee with the men. Valkyrie is about one of the many plots on Hitler's life. This attempted plot took place within Hitler's inner circle and was led by a young officer. The failed attempt took place during the summer before Hitler's fall and the end of World War II. This movie was a good look at a period of history I know little about. The symbolism is found in the movie's title and is spun into the plot.

Then there was a DVD called Expelled. This was a somewhat disturbing and somewhat humorous look at academic freedom, or the lack of it, in certain circles regarding questions about beginnings (earth, life, etc.) It is fast-paced and requires some thinking.

Finally, I saw a DVD called Bella. This is a heart-warming story about people in real life situations that affect how they view life and the value of children. You will get drawn into the story through the characters.
(Note: In Spanish, "Bella" is the feminine form of the word meaning "beautiful.")

Normally, this is a list devoted to the topics of "church" and "liturgy." As unusual as this post might seem here it is probably just as unusual that within a period of 4 or 5 days I would sit and watch three movies . . .

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