quod pro nobis traditum est

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting for Presents

There is something refreshing in watching one's children get excited about the Christmas presents around the tree. They pick them up and weigh them, check out their shape and guess their contents. They truly look forward to the chance to open them. Whether or not they receive exactly what they were waiting or hoping for there is an extra charge in the air at the anticipation of finding out what is underneath the wrapping.

Part of this refreshment may have to do with realizing that as parents we no longer have the need to anticipate presents as we did when we were children so our eyes are opened to their anticipation and impatience. We like receiving presents but it is more important to us that our children receive them than that we receive anything. Much of this refreshment comes in knowing one is able to give to another even if it is something that provides temporary happiness.

This is what I appreciate about the Advent Season - the anticipation of the Second Coming and so too the Christ who comes to us now in the Mass. He gives and we receive. No greater gift. No greater refreshment. No greater joy.

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