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Monday, May 12, 2008

"has not resolved the problems . . . opened another wound"

In comments made public today, Pope Benedict speaks on the occasion of the anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Italy. Below are some excerpts from an article which is cited at the foot of the post:

“We cannot but recognize that, in practical terms, defending human life has become more difficult today, because a mentality has been created that progressively devalues human life and entrusts it to the judgment of individuals.”

The consequence of this thinking is a decrease in respect for the human person, “a value that lies at the foundation of any form of civil coexistence, over and above the faith a person may profess," the Pontiff said.

Contrary to the assertions of those who have promoted abortion, it “has not resolved the problems afflicting many women and no small number of families, but it has opened another wound in our societies."

"It is necessary to bear concrete witness to the fact that respect for life is the first form of justice that must be applied. For those who have the gift of faith this becomes an imperative that cannot be deferred. ... Only God is the Lord of life. Each human being is known, loved, wanted and guided by Him ... and each has his origins in God's creative plan."


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