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Friday, March 28, 2008

Issues, Etc. - where to keep tuned & helpful commentary

I did send an e-mail on Easter Monday regarding the removal of Issues, Etc. from the airwaves and received the same brief formal response that many are receiving. It is obvious that this is simply a formality.

As the current situation in the LCMS continues to grow I will only pass on occasional commentary (It is too hard to keep up with the daily events and there are others who are more aware of everything involved.). If you want up-to-date information (there is new information almost daily) the blogs to check out are: here and here.

However, I do think this commentary is quite helpful in summarizing what is going on. (Thanks to Pr. Weedon for sharing this on his blog.)

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Fr. Timothy D. May said...

I do believe Mr. Sacramone errs in attributing this decision to the whole board of communication services, but this may simply be an oversight on his part. The majority of the board members did not know of the action that took place on Holy Tuesday until after it had taken place. Otherwise, I agree with much of his analysis of "whither" the LCMS.