quod pro nobis traditum est

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hometown Threatened

The mountain town of Leadville, Colorado, is where my parents were living at the time I was born and I was baptized at a church there. So, I consider this my hometown, although technically I was born in Denver (where they had hospitals).

Here is some "not so good" news about the old baby-stomping grounds.


Brian P Westgate said...

That's too bad. I've been in Vail and Eagle, but not Leadville. Sometime I'd like to take another trip out to Colorado though to ride all the different train rides there are, including Leadville's own. I have heard a rumor about mines reopening and perhaps even shipping by rail. I don't know how much stock to put in that though.

Fr. Timothy D. May, S.S.P. said...

I have been on ships and planes to 4 countries on 2 continents and have taken many bus rides but do not believe I have ever been on a train (maybe as a child?). If there is a state to ride on a train though it would have to be Colorado for all of the scenery.

W.T. Odom said...

I have been to Leadville...and I've run with the donkeys.

Brian P Westgate said...

Little did I know when I first posted that I would be the first LCMS vicar in Leadville. Let the countdown to my arrival begin!