quod pro nobis traditum est

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I have been "tagged" by Pastor Asburry. This seems to be some kind of tradition that includes something like succession. It appears that I am to tell 7 true items about myself so here they are:

1) While my family lived in Leadville, Colorado, I was born at a hospital in Denver. With all due respect to Oregon natives, including my beloved wife, there seems to be a misunderstanding in the blogosphere as to where "God's country" actually exists. We enjoyed a visit there this past summer after a few years absence. Colorado, that is ...

2) Third of seven children (oldest and youngest are girls with five of us boys in between). This makes me kind of a middle child, a peace maker, one that gets bored when everyone else is getting their dander up. This also can give me the appearance of being rather boring - a tool that is quite effective. (After all, one can't compete with the 1st child and the younger children always get away with more than their older siblings ever did :)

3) We lived in many, many places growing up but most of my childhood years were in the Philippines and New Hampshire. I graduated from high school in Arizona (while living in New Mexico), college in Nebraska and seminary in St. Louis. Vicarage was in Miami with three months of language training in Mexico.

4) I met my beloved wife in Milwaukee and our two daughters were born here. They are ages 12 and 7 and are musically involved (like Mom!). We make the pilgrimage to St. Louis on an annual basis to visit her family. My parents live in New Mexico.

5) My hobbies include reading books (an understatement) studying Latin, and keeping "to-do" lists. Theology and Church History books are my favorites. Studying Latin is both a review and an attempt to learn more (I had 3 years in High School). I told you I was boring. . .

6) My favorite baseball teams are the Milwaukee Brewers and the Boston Red Sox (from the days growing up in New Hampshire; I have been to Fenway Park!). My favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers.

7) Finally, I enjoy classical music, which recently went "underground" in Milwaukee. The only classical music station in town changed its format suddenly and became a jazz station. Now, finding and listening to classical music is something one does by surfing the net or listening to CDs.

Now that I think I understand this "tagging" thing I will tag Pastor Weedon.


William Weedon said...

You can't! I already wrote mine and I tagged Anastasia who tagged Randy. You have to find another victim! :)

I was tagged by Lutheran Luciolla in the first place.

Susan said...

>>This seems to be some kind of tradition that includes something like succession.<<

Tim, I love your sense of humor!

Rev. Timothy D. May said...

Thanks! I will figure this out eventually.

We must always keep our eyes open as to what tradition we are passing on Having said that, this could not be a valid succession even if it was intended to be such. Look at all who were tagged before me! :)

Randy Asburry said...

Sorry about that, Tim! I didn't know that Weedon had already been "tagged." My bad.

Rev. Timothy D. May said...

Not a problem! I need to find another victim, which seems to be becoming for me a daunting task . . .
(Potential victims, thank you for your patience.)