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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

make them to be numbered with Your saints

"For to everyone who believes through the word of the Apostles, the
promise is given for Christ's sake and by the power of this prayer,
that he shall be one body and one loaf with all Christians; that
what happens to him as a member for good or ill, shall happen to
the whole body for good or ill, and not only one or two saints, but
all the prophets, martyrs, apostles, all Christians, both on earth
and with God in Heaven, shall suffer and conquer with him, shall
fight for him, help, protect, and save him and shall undertake
for him such a gracious exchange that they will all bear his
sufferings, want, and afflictions and he partake of all their
blessings, comfort, and joy.... For who can harm or injure a man
who has this confidence, who knows that heaven and earth, and all
the angels and the saints will cry to God when the smallest
suffering befalls him?" (M. Luther, Sermons on John 16-20, 1528)

" not doubt that it will be done unto you as the Sacrament
declares, that Christ and all His saints will draw near to you with
all their virtues, sufferings, and graces, to live, work, rest,
suffer, and die with you, and be so fully yours that they have all
things in common with you. If you are willing to practice this
belief and confirm it, you will experience what a rich and joyful
wedding-meal your God has prepared for you on the altar."
(M. Luther, On the Councils and Churches, 1539)

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