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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

some Lutheran books of note

For Lutherans, some books of note ( Their topics fit in with the title of this blog so I would be remiss not to mention them. ):

ON CHURCH (and Liturgy):
The 2nd edition of "The Church: Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn" is now available. Additional volumes of Piepkorn's writings include "The Sacred Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions", "Ministry and Church" and "Worship and the Christian Life."

ON LITURGY (and Church):
"Lively Stone" by C. George Fry & Joel R. Kurz on the ministry of the Lutheran liturgist, Berthold von Schenk

"The Church" (A.C. Piepkorn) is a classic and every Lutheran pastor should have it. Whether or not one agrees with everything he writes the pastor can learn from his knowledge and understanding of the Lutheran Confessions and the historical practice of the Lutheran liturgy.

Berthold von Schenk is a relatively new name to me but one of significance to liturgical history and renewal within Lutheranism. When it comes to Lutheranism and liturgical renewal there are not many books out there so this should be of interest.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog does not necessarily have all of the books that he mentions here.

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