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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Law and . . .?

The historic liturgy is its own apology. Still, it
seems that those who follow the historic forms of
the Church's worship are increasingly subject to the
critique of "legalism".

Here then is a brief apology. The liturgy is both
external and internal. Invocation. Confession and
Absolution. Preaching of the Gospel. Sacrament of
the Altar. Benediction. For purposes here
this abbreviated picture of the liturgy reveals
something beyond the rite. Here is Holy Trinity.
Here is Christ Jesus for the forgiveness of sins.
Here is the people of God gathered in God's name and
blessed by Him. Communion with Christ and in
His presence - body and blood. The faith
of Christ's Bride, the Church. Christ.

The daily office - another opportunity for the
body of Christ to be in His Word. Communion with
Christ. (Advent and Lent?)

If one who is labeled a "legalist" can find Christ
amidst the ritual then is the historic liturgy
the problem or is something else afloat?
The life of the Church is internal and external - the
law of prayer and the law of belief. They are one
in Christ. The historic liturgy draws us to see
the transcendence of the Church and her faith.
They are one in Christ. The Church is one in Christ.

You see then that there is a tradition to the historic
liturgy and that there are those among you who are "legalists".
You have found the Law.

Now, where is the . . . Gospel?

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