quod pro nobis traditum est

Saturday, October 29, 2005

a thought for reformation

“The great truths of the faith to whose recognition the Holy Spirit led Christ’s church in the heavy doctrinal struggles of the early centuries and which have been recognized by the orthodox church of all times as the true interpretation of Holy Scripture do not cease to be truths because they have been misused, mutilated, or even falsified. If there is one thing especially that Evangelical theology in our day has to learn from Luther and the Confessions of the Reformation, it is that the ancient church again be taken altogether seriously. The history of the church did not stand still, as many a young theologian these days seems to think, from the death of the last apostle until Luther came on the scene. The decline of the knowledge and study of patristics in the present generation of theologians threatens to become catastrophic for our theology unless it is somehow checked. A church without patristics becomes a sect.” – Hermann Sasse (We Confess Jesus Christ, 95)

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