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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"on the Lutheran Church and her liturgy"

Welcome to on the Lutheran Church and her liturgy

This blog title replaces the previous Latin title ecclesia-liturgia-augustana
("church-liturgy-Augsburg Confession") though the thrust remains the same.

Technically speaking, this blog does not compete since the author is not
savy and, until he has time to learn, is content to communicate with bare
bones blogging.

There are many websites and blogsites out there that address what this
blogsite hopes to address. At least, this site hopes to help the author
gather together his thoughts and resources on church and liturgy.
At most, this blogsite hopes to help the reader learn more about and
come to a deeper appreciation of the church and the historic liturgy
as well as put up with some of the author's own reflections on the
subject at hand. Finally, this blogsite hopes to add to the ongoing
conversation on the Lutheran Church and her liturgy.

Again, welcome.

Rev. Tim May

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